queer feminist sexshop- and educationcollektiv

On 10.02.2024 we would like to celebrate with you and officially open our 'erogenous zone' on the Grethergelände, Adlerstraße 12 in Freiburg.

From 4 pm there will be champagne, canapés and the obligatory speech. Then you can marvel at our sex store and workshop space until 10 pm and celebrate with us.
Come along and bring your friends.

There's a large, stepless, rollable sales area where you can touch all the products and get advice. We also have a workshop room for all kinds of topics relating to sexuality and the body. The workshop room will soon be accessible via a lift - we are still working on this. At the moment there are 4 steps to overcome.

What do we have at erogene zone?

We have sex toys without toxic softeners, but in all shapes and colors and with very different functions. You will soon be able to touch your dream toy in our (soon to be) store in Freiburg and get advice from us.

Our products are all Bodysafe and produced as sustainably as possible. Bodysafe means that they do not harm the body in terms of the materials used (e.g. no plasticizers) or the shape of the toys. We also try to offer affordable products.

We have everything you need for your gender expression: from packers to binders to breast prostheses and other products that express your gender. If you are missing something, please contact us. It is very important to us to have these products available for you to try on and touch and to offer advice and information.

Do you want to find out more or get new ideas? We have books, magazines and zines in our range and a selected range of menstrual products, as well as safer sex products such as leaks, condoms and lubricants.

We also have great, sex-positive "lifestyle" products such as postcards, stickers and other hot shit. Much of it from local, queer-feminist artists.

Material possessions are not for you?

Then you might find something exciting in our workshop and educational program. Our aim is to find our ability to speak, to get to know our bodies and our lust.

Happy to see u soon