Knowledge is Yeah

Erogene Zone - learn about your body and your sexuality!

We are convinced that we can discover our bodies without shame and guilt. Sexuality is tightly interwoven with norms, taboos and power structures and societal ideas about what is "normal" shape us.

Let's collectively disrupt prevailing dynamics, deconstruct gender and stand up for eliminating any taboos around sexuality - Yeah!

To create a more sex-positive world we want to acquire the appropriate tools. For example, a vocabulary for expressing one's own preferences and needs, practice in acting with consent, and much, much more.

We are very happy about the valuable work of different queer-feminist, sex-positive groups here in Freiburg. Contact us if you want to offer a workshop, because we want to continue networking and would be happy to offer a space (from fall 2023) for making it happen.

workshops and events for booking

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  • toyparty at your home :) (more infos you will find if you click Toyparty)