the collective

Erogene Zone: Sexshop and educational space for all!

We create a sex-positive and queer-feminist place to discover and share everything surrounding the topics sexuality and bodies. On the one hand with our retail store (on and offline) and on the other hand with our educational work.

Some topics especially get Erogene Zone going: consensus, bodysafety, sex positivity, overcoming patriarchy, critique of capitalism. We are a collective, where we are all equal, make decisions together (by consensus) and share responsibility.

A non-binary world is coming

The idea that there are only women and men and other patriarchal nonsense is something we want to fight inside and outside our store. We want to challenge existing norms and values and ideally get rid of them altogether. That's why you'll find e.g. toys not sorted by gender, but by function.

Consensus is Key - because there are as many preferences as there are people

Consensual pleasure should have no boundaries. Everything that your heart or body desires and that is based on consensus (i.e. with the active consent of all parties involved) should, as far as possible, find a place in our store and educational offerings. You are missing something? Feel free to contact us, write an email and bring in your topics and wishes.

Our products are bodysafe and produced as sustainably as possible. Bodysafe means that our products do not harm the body in terms of the materials used (e.g. no plasticizers) or the shape of the toys. At the same time, we also try to offer inexpensive products. here you can find the online store.

Store & Onlineshop

What will you find at Erogene Zone?

We have sex toys without toxic plasticizers, but in all shapes and colors and with very different functions. In the store you can touch your desired toy and get our advice.

We have everything you need for your gender expression**:** from packers to binders to breast prostheses and other products that express your gender. If you are missing something, feel free to contact us (mail: info(at) It is very important to us to provide an opportunity to try on and touch these products, and to offer exchange and advice.

You want to inform yourself or get new ideas? We have books, magazines and zines and a selected range of menstruation products, as well as safer sex products such as dental dams, condoms and lubricants.

You can also find "lifestyle" products like postcards, stickers and other fancy stuff with sexpositive messages. Much of it by local, queerfeminist artists. Come by and browse.

Material possessions are not for you? Then you might find something exciting in our workshops and educational offerings. We are all about discovering our voice and getting to know our bodies and our desires..

Come well with Erogene Zone <3